Mandatory Commercial Recycling–Game On!


recycling 2

In July of 2012, Assembly Bill 341 came to effect. This bill affects the entire state of California. AB341 is more commonly known as Mandatory Commercial Recycling. This bill calls on all businesses and multi-family dwellings to incorporate recycling services/practices at their properties. AB341 provides a helping hand towards another goal set by the State, which is to reach 75% diversion by 2020 of materials originally destined for the landfill. Mandatory Commercial Recycling is in full swing!

The members of LARA have risen to the challenge of Mandatory Commercial Recycling and 75% diversion. They have teamed up to create plans to reach the goals set forth. Each city has developed a strategy that is built on common core values

  • Electronic Actions-these include websites, emails, and downloadable flyers
  • Print Actions-printed flyers, ads, brochures and other documentation
  • Direct Contact-meetings, inspections, events
  • Monitoring-collecting/analysis data
  • Annual reporting to the State

LARA desires success, and success does not occur by accident!