2017 SGV Awards

San Gabriel Valley Regional Awards

Royal Oaks Manor
1763 Royal Oaks Drive North, Bradbury, CA 91010

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 • 3:00 – 5:00 pm

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2016 San Gabriel Regional Awards

City of Duarte
As the City’s hauler, Burrtec has not only provided the City with great service over the years but they have continued to demonstrate progressive development in response to new recycling and waste diversion requirements. Most recently, Burrtec has completed development of its Organics processing operations at their West Valley Material Recovery Facility in Fontana that includes composting and providing processed food as feedstock for its anaerobic digestion project in Chino. The composting and anaerobic digestion projects were developed by Burrtec in response to the AB1826 legislation, Mandatory Organics Recycling. These projects have been ongoing for 5 years and are an example of Burrtec’s forward thinking. With Burrtec’s facilities, Duarte is one of the few Cities that has a viable organics recycling option and will be able to respond to state food waste recycling mandates. Burrtec is also expanding its organics processing capabilities at its operations in Riverside and Victorville in anticipation of increased demand from its regional municipal customers. 

City of Pomona
Cal Poly Pomona
Cal Poly Pomona utilizes a wide range of diversion options to achieve their sustainability goals. Through Burrtec Waste, they have instituted a campus-wide commingled recycling program, and a multi-faceted organics recycling program that includes the processing of food waste, manure and green waste. As the campus continues to grow, Cal Poly participates in Burrtec’s C&D (Construction and Demolition) diversion program, and source separates inert material and metals for recycling.

The Growing Club
The Growing Club, based in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles, gathers diverse individuals and communities together to nourish the common well-being of people and our planet. It is an organization based in Los Angeles that aims to impart how the built environment directly impacts the quality of our lives. The Growing Club offers a variety of educational programs, from monthly hands-on workshops to a Farmer Training Program and Community Supported Agriculture farm (CSA: Sarvodaya Farms), to their online learning materials. You can often see them with their Growing Club Members building gardens, hosting community potlucks, working on their farms, and speaking out against economic and ecological injustice. They spread awareness and knowledge with each of their activities, in search of ecological health and social justice in the urban world. 

La Quinta Inn & Suites
According to the recycle driver this account has been doing a great job in both increasing the amount of recyclables they are –putting into their recycle bin and also have been keeping their recyclables free of trash and contamination.

Athens Services
Burrtec Waste Industries, Inc.
Valley Vista Services
Waste Management
Pomona honored their four franchise haulers that service the commercial industry for their efforts towards contributing to California’s CalRecycle goal of 75% diversion of trash from landfills.

City of Rosemead
 Aside from having one of the best sustainability goals and commitments nationwide, the AT & T Facility in Rosemead has many recycling programs  that help the  City Achieve its recycling goals. Their company mission is to run a business in a way that makes sense for both the company and the planet.

Wal-Mart’s Corporate Mission is to achieve a zero waste environment through their local measures. In the US more than 81% materials are diverted from landfills. The Rosemead store currently recycles food, bales of cardboard, pallets, plastic, tires, paper and many donations to help the City stay in compliance with state law regulations.

California American Water
 Their commitment to the environment extends beyond the quality of the water they provide. They are stewards of the communities they serve, and are proud of the role they play in protecting the environment. In the Rosemead location they have various programs that contribute to the Cities goals by recycling pallets, scrap metal, internal plastics and cardboard.

Republic Services
For the last 25 years Republic Services has been the Franchise Hauler for the City of Rosemead and a proud partner with the Los Angeles Regional Agency. From their employees to their landfills they believe actions speak louder than words , they  are hands on when it comes to environmental responsibility and protecting the planet for future generations.

City of Sierra Madre
Mail Box & Postal
Mail Box & Postal strives to reduce the impact of our business on the environment. They encourage their clients to bring packaging materials to their facility so that they can reuse and recycle them.