2016 AB 939 Annual Report is SUBMITTED!

The LARA AB 939 Annual Report 2016 has been submitted!

The Summary Report is 90 pages long and a culmination of 8 months of gathering information, data, and programs added as well as dropped. There are 57 programs with Program 3035 and Program 9045 as the newbies.  After the last SRRE Program 9050, it is then followed by the Large Venue Report followed by an entirely NEW section on Mandatory Commercial Organics Recycling.  So actually there are a total of 59 Programs that we need to report on.  Multiply 59 programs by 17 member cities plus 9 City of LA huge departments is equal to 1,534 programs.

This amount of data is what we needed to gather, process, and review  before submitting for approval to the LARA Executive Director Karen Coca.

The submitted final copy can viewed here 2016 Annual Report for your reference.

We did it! DONE and DONE!!!

Thanks everyone!