Back to School Season and How to Reduce Waste

Reduce paper consumption:  Do you have old notebooks that were only partially used? Take a look around your house and use notebooks to their fullest! Also consider using your laptop for taking notes and ditch notebooks all together! Lastly, always remember to print double-sided copies.

Buy refillable writing utensils: Instead of tossing those cheap pens that explode all over your stuff, buy a few refillable pens and pencils. You will avoid buying new pens every year and reduce your impact on landfills!

Avoid buying new clothing: Every year, there is a pressure to go back to school shopping to buy the latest styles. Instead of taking the trip to Forever 21, trade clothing with your friends or go to a store that sells used clothing. Buffalo Exchange offers trendy and vintage clothing that will be in style with the latest fashion.

Buy a reusable water bottle: Millions of college dorms are all stocked up with disposable water bottles. But what’s the point? You are spending useless money on water that is less regulated than tap water. Buy a reusable water bottle with your school logo and help decrease plastic production and the amount found in landfills!

Reuse: How many of us are so used to buying all new supplies at the beginning of each school year. Look at what you have and determine what can be reused from last year. Repair and reuse binders. Use up notebooks that have good blank pages left in them, like perhaps that science or history notebook that you could have made a whole lot more notes in than you did.

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