2018 SGV Environmental Awards

The Los Angeles Regional Agency would like to thank all those who participated in the 2018 San Gabriel Valley Environmental Awards. We’d like to send a special thanks to all the awardees who have stepped up to become crusaders for sustainability. We hope to continue this success and look forward to the 2019 SGV Awards!

Until then check out some of the moments from this year’s event.

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Artesia Christian Home has served the Artesia community for over 64 years by providing quality care services for seniors. The Artesia Christian Home is a major contributor to the City’s recycling goals. Their stewardship in the community does not stop at delivering services for seniors, they play a major role in recycling by leading and being the first business in Artesia to implement an organics recycling program.


Janice Kolodinski is in her 10th year as principal at Royal Oaks STEAM Academy. She has brought leadership in facilitating and promoting environmental awareness and education to students, families and the community. School visitors can see learning gardens which include composting bins. Throughout campus, students and staff recycle CRV bottles and cans as bins are in hallways, the cafeteria and staff lounge. However, in an effort to reduce plastic bottles altogether, students are strongly encouraged to use refillable, BPA-free bottles. To support this effort, the new construction of 14 Next Gen 7 classrooms includes 2 water stations with water-bottle spouts


Royal Oaks Manor, part of the Humangood corporation has really stepped up to the plate with all types of recycling including organics this past year. They faithfully separate their recyclables each week and recently added an additional 4 yard bin for both green waste & food waste. Also, their bins are always clean & organized. It is clear they take pride in their facility and are doing their part to save the planet.

Westminster Gardens, also part of the Humangood corporate family has also done a wonderful job recycling this year. There facility is always a clean and friendly place to visit. The company takes pride in the fact they are doing their part in recycling which help better our community environment. They also recently had a recycling presentation at their facility in order to see how much more they can do.

La Paloma is a long standing and well known Mexican restaurant in Duarte. Originally, they went from filling a 65 gallon barrel once a week to now increasing to a 2yd bin twice a week of food. They are a model for the program.

Woodward Engineering makes it a corporate priority to recycle all types of materials every week. Additionally, their bins are always filled with clean recyclable material with no contamination.


Youth and Family Club of Pomona Valley a steward, promoting a healthy community through their efforts in environmental leadership. They teach the youth of Pomona to recycle and use the funds raised for youth leadership projects. They began installing LED lighting on the outside of their facilities, as well as, solar panels. They hope to continue to install more in the future as funds are available for this effort. Finally they have installed low water landscaping throughout their property. They continue to find ways to continue to be good stewards of our environment as they teach our youth to do the same for the future of our community and the world. CITY OF ROSEMEAD

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center is a Business Leader contributing and giving back to the community through their efforts in Environmental Leadership. Their ongoing efforts in recycling paper and cardboard material, as well as, their recently implemented “Organic Food Waste” program makes them an outstanding environmental leader. This program is cutting edge and demonstrates their willingness to go the extra mile to reduce their carbon footprint in their community.

Volar Motorsport is very conscientious and dedicated to recycling. They recycle, and reduce their trash down to two yards per week; along with diverting 3 yds. of cardboard a week. More importantly, the cardboard is not contaminated with any trash.

Graybar is a 238,000 square foot facility is a commercial lighting supplier. They have a 40 yd. recycling compactor that is serviced every week. Graybar’s dedication to recycling is in line with their company’s lighting products that are energy efficient, reducing energy costs and helping companies become more sustainable

Tropical Mexico is making great strides in their conservation efforts by responsibly managing their waste streams through implementation of mixed recyclables and food waste programs. Tropical Mexico’s leadership through years of continued improvement in waste reduction and diversion shows their commitment to resource conservation, the environment and the local community.

Pomona Unified School District

Roger Brown – Math teacher from Ganesha High School; Robert Lopez – Science teacher from Park West Continuation School; Felicia Castro and Sean Bell – Simons Middle School; Cynthia Hofferth—Science Teacher at Diamond Ranch HS; and Edwin Aviles—Chemistry Teacher at Pomona HS have all contributed to helping make the Pomona Unified School District greener. In their respective school communities, these teachers have developed gardens and green spaces, and they teach their students about environmental stewardship and promote recycling and waste reduction.


Elizabeth Martinez delivers over 20 years of experience in the solid waste industry. Joining Consolidated Disposal, a subsidiary of Republic Services, as an Account Manager in 2004, Elizabeth worked to become a Municipal Relationship Manager. The breadth of her experience extends from overseeing commercial accounts, school districts, and franchise contracts. More importantly, Elizabeth is well-informed with mandated local and state disposal policies. Elizabeth is a five-time prestigious Republic Services Chairman Awards winner. Elizabeth credits her success to her passion for providing exceptional customer service and being proactive with understanding the needs of her cities.

Kami Buffet started Organics Program thanks to Manager Linda in December 2017 and has composed 14 tons to date. Kami Buffet also continues to have a great commingled recycling program.

Olive Garden  started an Organics Program thanks to Managers Christy and Javier in November 2017 and to date has composted an estimate of 20 tons. Olive Garden also continues to have a great commingled recycling program.

Target Rosemead has been a valuable partner to the City of Rosemead.  For the past 16+ years, Target Rosemead has aligned with the City’s social responsibility to focus areas to support a better, more sustainable world which aims to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Rosemead Target is commitment to the 4’rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot! The store has a very successful recycling cardboard, foodwaste, paper, plastic, shrinkwrap recycling programs. They also partner will a local organization to donate food for not only humans but also for a local animal shelter.


Carolyn Dasher is an enthusiastic member of Sierra Madre’s Energy, Environment & Natural Resources Commission. Her sustainability outreach efforts is highlighted by her recent coordination with the 3rd Annual Wild & Scenic Film Festival in Sierra Madre. Carolyn prides herself by not just ‘talking the talk,’ but also demonstrating an environmentally nurturing approach to residential living. Residents of Sierra Madre are invited to view bio-swales installed in her front property for the infiltration of precious rainwater. The City of Sierra Madre is in awe of Carolyn’s energy and enthusiasm towards sustainable living, and are very happy to recognize her for this award.

Carol Canterbury is a long-time resident and businesswoman of Sierra Madre and the 2017 Sierra Madre Citizen of the Year. She is also an avid supporter of sustainability practices and reflects the City’s ethos towards recycling and reusing day-to-day items. “It’s the little things, done daily, that matter” is her mantra both at home and her Sierra Madre office. Carol is also one of the most prominent City volunteers. Carol approaches all tasks with an eye for conserving resources at every level. The City of Sierra Madre wishes it could “bottle” Carol’s energy and enthusiasm, and appreciates her attention to important sustainability considerations in her work.

Taylor’s Market is the jewel of Sierra Madre businesses serving the small community for 50 years, and much of that time as the only market in town. It is known regionally as a premier butcher market, and is currently expanding to provide additional essentials locally to reduce the need for residents to drive further for their household needs. Taylor’s has been an example of sustainability “before it was cool.” They still use an old bundler to facilitate cardboard recycling. Their products are offered with the least amount of packaging and feature products that are locally produced in the San Gabriel Valley. Don Taylor and his family continue to run the most appreciated business in town, and the City of Sierra Madre is proud to recognize them, not just for their steaks, but also for their years of earth-friendly practices.

Athens Services has been a partner in sustainability with Sierra Madre for 17 years. They have consistently gone above and beyond contractual obligations in diversions and recycling programs. Recently, they have progressively approached the City of Sierra Madre with fresh ideas with an eye on emerging technologies. Athens Services and Sierra Madre staff have explored a partnership beyond traditional waste management and into water quality objectives. Currently a program is being implemented to enhance street sweeping best practices to remove trash and other pollutants from reaching the watershed, and additional programs are being considered. The City of Sierra Madre is proud to recognize Athens for their consistently outstanding services and willingness to explore new ideas.

Meet our Keynote Speaker: Iesha Siler


BIO: Iesha Siler is a Senior Policy Associate for the LA Food Policy Council, acting as the staff liaison to the Food Waste Prevention & Rescue and Good Food Purchasing Policy Working Groups. While in the Urban Agriculture Working Group, she facilitated the establishment of the Urban Ag Incentive Zone in LA City. She also was involved with the Farmers For All Working Group, where the most recent policy win was passing an ordinance requiring EBT acceptance at all farmers’ markets in the City of Los Angeles. Prior to joining the LA Food Policy Council, Iesha worked as a legislative deputy for City of Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry, where she worked on policies focused on food access, public safety, and parks and recreation. Her multi-ethnic background sparked her interest in exploring and working across cultures, taking her into communities throughout Los Angeles, Washington D.C., New York City and abroad in Chile, India, and Morocco. Iesha holds a B.S. in Public Policy, Planning and Development from the University of Southern California, and a Masters in Public Health, with an emphasis on Urbanism and the Built Environment, from Columbia University. Her graduate thesis was focused on how Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) could serve as a way for low-income communities to increase their access to fresh, local, organic produce and connect with local farmers. She was born and raised in Pasadena, where she is still a resident and an active member in Transition Pasadena and the New Horizon School Peace Garden.