5 Summertime Recycling Tips

1. Make sure you ‘grasscycle’
California’s landfill sites are under serious strain, so don’t contribute to the problem more than you need to by bagging and sending your lawn cuttings in that direction. Instead, take advantage of this organic material and use it to benefit the environment by leaving it on the lawn or composting it instead.

2. Recycle old BBQs properly
Thinking about upgrading your BBQ this summer? Before you chuck the old one, think about how you’re doing it. It can be recycled instead of thrown away. To recycle a BBQ, clean it and take it apart, separating the metal and plastic and then recycle the parts.

3. Find new uses for old pool toys
Beach and pool toys and inflatables are a lot of fun, but before you buy or replace them, just remember that they’re usually made of PVC and so are not recyclable. You can try patching damaged inflatables or find innovative new uses for things like old pool noodles.

4. Be a responsible picnicker
The issue of rubbish left over after summer BBQs and picnics in our cities parks and beaches is a substantial one. So next time you head out for dining in a public space, pack food and snacks in reusable containers and bring a reusable water bottles instead of buying bottled water. Bring along bags to collect recyclables and rubbish and dispose of your waste properly.

5. Recycle or donate old summer clothes
We live in an age of disposable fashion where clothes can be bought cheaply in line with new styles and then disposed of quickly to make way for new wardrobe trends. Ideally, we should all be more conscious about the environmental impact our clothes-buying habits can have. But when we are finished with clothes, they should be sold or donated (if they’re in good condition) or recycled in special clothes recycling bin