Easter Recycling


Hop to your recycling bin – but don’t just throw everything in.

The Easter festivities are upon us, so your house might soon be full of Easter egg wrappers and boxes, and everything in between.

But did you know a lot of that waste can go straight into your curbside recycling bin? Here’s what can and can’t be recycled:

The best way to recycle Easter egg foil is to scrunch the foil up into a fist-sized ball before placing it in the recycling bin. This makes sure the small bits of foil don’t get lost in the recycling process.

If it’s got chocolate on it, wipe it of and if it’s still too dirty then it’s better in the waste bin.

The cardboard boxes that package the eggs, along with any other boxes, can be placed in your blue recycle bin for recycling. Collapsing the boxes first helps leave room in your bin for more recycling.