Food waste..From France to our Front Door


Food waste is a major problem in the United States and several nations of the world. The National Resource Defense Council reported that 40% of the food produced in the United States goes uneaten; that’s about 20 pounds of food thrown away per person every month. Food takes untold amounts of water, land, energy & labor to produce. All of these valuable resources are lost when food is thrown away.

The nation of France has passed legislation to stop food waste and help its looming problem with poverty. The nation’s  new law states that all supermarkets larger than four-hundred square meters must donate all unsold food to charity or face penalties that include fines and jail time (a full article can be found on The Guardian)

The state of California has identified and addressed the issue of food waste as well. The recent passing of AB1826 is bringing the habit of routing discarded food to landfills to an end. There are several organizations that “rescue” available food and donate to those in need.

You too can do your part. Remember that “Best used By” dates on food products are suggestions. You do not have to throw away such items if that date passes. If there are any foodstuffs that you no longer desire, donate it to a food bank. The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, World Harvest Food Bank,  Food Finders, and several other groups are always seeking donations.


Eat well & live well!