Happy Fourth of July


Happy Independence Day!!!

The whole of the Los Angeles Regional Agency wants to wish you, your family, and your friends a very happy independence day! Be sure to celebrate heartily!

Keep in mind that holidays bring about many opportunities to recycle. Try to purchase disposable cups, plates and other cutlery that is environmentally friendly. Being mindful of the resources used to hold a celebration (lighting, food, electricity, gas, space, etc) can go a long way in becoming a more efficient with available  resources.

BBQ season is in full swing! Did you know that charcoal and charcoal ashes can be used in the garden? Click here to see what other ways you can use charcoal.

Remember: used fireworks are NOT  automatically recyclable. The burnt chemicals inside a firework  contaminates the cardboard casing. DO NOT place them into bins designated for recycling.  Please research your city’s protocol on proper firework disposal. Feel free to research other methods of recycling firework casings.