Japan – The Father Site of Ocean Cleanup

Tsus_01b966dfbdWe would like to wish all of the father’s in the land of LARA a very warm and heart felt Father’s Day. May the seeds you placed  in this world grow to bear good fruit!

When one thinks of a father, one thinks of legacy. They think of foundation; the beginning of a thing. Japan, beginning in 2016, will be the “father” site of the largest ocean cleaning system to date.

Ocean Cleanup will serve as the “father” organization behind this great undertaking. They plan to set an array of barriers in an area of ocean near Japan. The array will span the distance of more than a mile. According to Ocean Cleanup, this array will be the longest floating structure that is in, or has been, in the ocean. Their focus is to clean the ocean of plastic pollution, paying special attention to the Great Garbage Patch located in the Pacific Ocean.

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