The Green Panda Corporate

Panda Corporate 

2016 San Gabriel Valley Regional Awards Recipient
City of Rosemead


Since 1983, the Panda Restaurant Group and Cherng Family understand that the future of their company can only be as bright as the planet on which they reside, so they are reducing their carbon footprint and use of natural resources through a number of efforts including using using commercially compostable packaging, oil recycling, and energy-efficient buildings.

Ashley Hodge, Building Operations Coordinator, discovered that 80% of what Panda Corporate Office employees throw away in their cubicle and office trash cans is not trash but rather materials that are easy to recycle or compost. Through hosting lunch & learns by department, Ashley educated Panda Associates on what can be recycled, composted and what is trash. Ashley created awareness through hands-on education and follow-up on how they can help the environment and help save money for the company by switching the trash cans in the cubicles/offices to recycle cans.  The program reduced trash pickup from 5 to 3 days and increased recycling from 1 to 2 days a week.

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