1st Quarter Meeting & AB 939 Annual Report Hacks

1st Quarter Meeting
AB 939 Annual Report Hacks

Lucy Avalos Community Center, Lynwood

Thank you to all those that attended our 1st Quarter meeting & AB 939 Report Hacks. We are pleased to announce that the meeting was a complete success and we had almost 60 people in attendance! What a great way to start the year! Presentations are available below and don’t forget…the COW is OPEN!

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CRRA Zero Waste Presentation – Jenna Abbott

DODA Food Waste Processing – Nick Morell

Food Rescue – Jennifer Pinkerton

Food Rescue Resources – Jennifer Pinkerton

City of LA Residential In-Sink Pilot Program

City of Rosemead – Foodwaste Presentation Republic Services

Food Waste Recycling Program – Marivic Sabillo

COW Refresher – Julie Jacobe